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CHEIKH Aboubacar … Your African marabout!

Professor Sheikh Aboubacar is a holy and pious man. He comes from a large family of marabouts in West Africa, who gave him the spiritual gifts and knowledge to practice the fabulous mission of the marabout, just like his ancestors.

For twenty years now, he has been able to solve the various problems of everyday life (such as break-ups, emotional healing, disorientation and anxiety) in the service of his family, his community and anyone who asks him for help.

Beyond a simple and normal remuneration, he seeks above all to serve his patients because by doing so, he increases his abilities, his reputation and the honour of his family of marabouts.

Marabout Aboubacar, thanks to modern technologies, can be consulted remotely anywhere in Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Vancouver.

Discover the marabout Aboubacar and how his powers can benefit your life…

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Breaking up with a loved one is one of life’s ultimate dramas. Your marabout is a specialist in love affairs and can help you bring back your ex, rekindling emotions that seemed to have died. Read more…


Your marabout is at your service to help you to fight against illness, pain, depression, anxiety and other pathologies specific to modern life. Read more…


Do you need to be reassured about your destiny? Your marabout has the ability to decode the signs of your existence so that you can prepare your future confident that you know what is in store. Read more…


The magical skills of your African marabout can also fight spells and remove curses, or the the evil eye, freeing you from their negative influences. Read more…


Consulting a marabout is not just about love or spells. It also offers solutions in all other areas of life, including protection from fear, and the promotion of good luck, work, commerce, fertility or recovery from addiction. Read more…

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