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The Path of Life

Sheikh Aboubacar is a renowned marabout who, during his maraboutic teaching, developed his gift as a medium during a long spiritual and initiatory process.*

He has thus become a professional clairvoyant and expert in the occult, a man who is capable of anticipating certain future events in the life of a person. Knowing what is coming tomorrow makes it possible to anticipate these events and prepare for them. Likewise, thanks to his privileged relationship with the spirits of nature, Sheikh Aboubacar is a medium who is sensitive to influences and phenomena that cannot be perceived by ordinary mortals using only their five senses.*

These clairvoyant skills enable this African psychic to observe the signs of life and to analyse visions of the future in an attempt to solve all manner of problems.*

He uses purely ancestral and traditional African techniques, but also employs their Western equivalents such as numerology, tarot, etc…

*results depends on individuals